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The essence

We've got your back.

We work in the shadow because we believe that the main characters should be the brands that we work with, not us.

We took our first steps as an agency in March 2018, but already have a portfolio of customers of all sizes – from startups to worldwide leading brands.

Our secret is balancing creativity with planning, strategy and execution in order to create a perfect and memorable online experience.

The relationship with our customers is based on trust, so we strive every day to be the loyal advisers, working hand in hand to develop solutions for their brands.

We know that scalability, flexibility and measurability are a gospel in marketing effectiveness. For this, we are guided by the 3 house rules: specialization, dedication and pragmatism.

This is Social Ninjas.

What we do

We analyze the market, plan the strategy, create the concept and we give it life.

We’ll help you communicate with your customers and with your future customers so that everyone comes back, repeatedly.

We know which channels are the most effective for interacting with your target audience and we shape a deep and strategic approach.

For companies undergoing a digital transformation, having a strong strategy is vital for success. Yet many companies are moving forward with digital strategy without a plan. 

Our team will ensure that your company has the insights and resources necessary to keep up with digital trends and complete a digital transformation.

We have a deep understanding of every brand we work with and we are specialized in bringing brand messages to life. We do this through creative content that responds to the technical possibilities of each platform and drives relevance to each audience.

Think of us as an extended arm of your marketing department, whether you need us at 10%, 50%, or 100% for your content strategy, content creation and execution.

We assist businesses with our expertise and knowledge to leverage the most suitable social networks and tools.

We assist you to establish your brand, meaningfully engage your customers and grow sales – whether with social media consultancy, paid social advertising, community management or influencers marketing.

We help companies scale their digital marketing efforts based on data, always keeping in mind their business objectives.

Performance marketing offers many formats, including native advertising, search engine marketing, social media advertising and affiliate marketing.

Once we have aligned on the right channels, timings, content, and identity, we will then monitor performance and assess it against our objectives and KPI’s to ensure that we are on the right track.

We invest our time analysing your results and delivering enhanced creatives accordingly, to ensure that your account and channels are progressive.

How we do it

More than an agency you outsource.

We are your right arm, and we want our work to be as impactful to your growth as it is to ours.


Inicial meeting with the company's management to understand the needs and challenges.


Strategic proposal for brand activation management.
After the proposal acceptance, we meet with the client to define work processes (we adapt to the needs of each customer) and the action plan.


Action plan implementation agreed with the client and monitoring of all campaigns and projects results.


Monthly report and improvements to be implemented in the following month, promoting continuous learning and development.

who we are

The team



I’ve worn many hats in my career – ranging from strategist, community manager, trainer, manager, copywriter to business developer. As a result, I have a unique ability to handle complex challenges and multidisciplinary projects involving social media, digital advertising, content marketing, analytics, and SEO.

Let’s get personal.



My background, although extensive, is not traditional. I started my career as a teacher and in teaching I learned to work with people, discover their needs and be prepared to add value to their lives. Today, I apply these strengths in managing clients, projects and brands.

Let’s get personal.


Office Manager

I wear many hats and juggle multiple priorities simultaneously. It’s all about making the office run smoothly so that everyone can deliver amazing work to clients. I organize and coordinate office administration and procedures, in order to ensure organizational effectiveness, efficiency, and safety.


Creative Director

Creative by default, tutor by vocation, manager by necessity. Specialized in Design thinking – a process for creative problem solving with a human-centered core – I work empathically with our clients to find their audience, their voice, their style, their rhythm and their place in the market.


Visual Content Creator

I love to promote brands. But I hate to promote myself. So here are the 3 most important things you need to know about me: I love creating content (both visual and written); I live and breathe every brand I work with and I will help your customers fall in love with your brand.

Let’s get personal.


Social Media Manager

Part of my daily routine is to learn something new, everyday. It’s a personal passion to continue to keep learning and it’s something which helps me drive real results for clients. I love to work in a role that is ever-changing, as with social media, you never know what’s going to be around the corner.


Content Manager

Throughout my career, I was driven by the curiosity to find answers to the most urgent questions. Today, I love to investigate any topic to find the right words, making them a relevant, readable and interesting text for your target audience.

Let’s get personal.


Digital Perfomance Manager

I like to use both sides of my brain. I like data, analytics, and the necessity to continuously learn that our digital age mandates. I understand SEO, but hate that I should be writing about me to talk to algorithms instead of humans. I love change, new challenges, surf, tv shows and gaming. 

Let’s get personal.


Visual Content Trainee

The most valuable lesson I have learned in life has been the importance of thinking before moving into different artforms. Even though I knew I wanted to be a designer, I have enjoyed getting back to basics and exploring new ways to tell stories. 

Let’s get personal.


Digital Marketing Trainee

Despite being from Pico Island, I don’t have to climb any mountains in my day-to-day… but at least I try to move them. I have no experience in any particular field actually, but I have theoretical knowledge and some practical experience. Well, I’m just a trainee for the time being.

Let’s get personal.

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