Ana Milheiro

Part of my daily routine is to learn something new, everyday. It’s a personal passion to continue to keep learning and it’s something which helps me drive real results for clients. I love to work in a role that is ever-changing, as with social media, you never know what’s going to be around the corner.


My work

Tell us a little about your professional career. 🚗

My professional journey is a good trip 🙂
I come from literature, I graduated in Tourism in the City of Students.
I worked in this area, going through the hospitality, pastry, kitchen bar and even a top company dedicated to tourism projects.
In 2015 I wanted to go live my true dream, settle in Lisbon and take my masters degree in Marketing Management at IPAM. I loved it, it were two unforgettable years due to the relationships and activities developed. In 2017 I had a big decision to make, stay in Lisbon, luckily I had that opportunity or return home. Love spoke louder and I returned home. I started with a internship at a company that sells ozone generators for 3 months. In 2018 I started my most real journey in  ​​marketing. And since then I have evolved, little by little.
In 2021 I started the journey with Social Ninjas, for which I am grateful due to the possibility of evolution that it represents. Here am I as the "Social Media Manager" Ninja. I've learned a lot and evolved too. Thanks!
This is me, with no filters 🙂

How is your day-to-day at Social Ninjas?? 👩‍💻

Quite busy thankfully.
It involves community management of the brands we work with, answering  to comments, shares, messages, identifying needs. It's really cool. In addition to this task, I also do all the Social Media Management: schedule posts, contribute to planning by defining days, hours and strategic hashtags for content, test formats on the channels to see how they work, develop reports. I also have the opportunity to contact customers. It hasn't been three months yet, but I'm grateful for the opportunity and experience, of course.

What do you like most about your work? ❤️

Community management, testing publications, contacting customers, talking to teammates, working with the team, knowing that everyone's contribution results in something bigger.

What is your secret Ninja weapon / superpower? 🥷

Patience and resilience.

Which objects are a must-have on your desk? 📌

My diary, glasses, cell phone with headphones to listen to music, black pen.

Let's get


What does your usual breakfast consist of? 🥞

I usually don't eat or drink, but when I do I drink a coffee, eat fruit and sometimes bread with butter.

What is your favorite hobby? 🎧 🛫 🎮

Walking in nature alone and with my family, who I love so much.

Tell us a funny / interesting fact about yourself. 🔫

I love to thank the gifts of my life every morning.

If you had to choose an expression, phrase or word to characterize you, what would it be? 🧐

Haste makes waste, no doubts.

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