Bruno Durães

I like to use both sides of my brain. I like data, analytics, and the necessity to continuously learn what our digital age mandates. I understand SEO, but hate that I should be writing about me to talk to algorithms instead of humans. I love change, new challenges, surf, tv shows and gaming.


My work

Tell us a little about your professional career. 🚗

I started working right after my University internship at a digital agency where my role was a digital marketing "Swiss army knife" (which was good to get a sense of everything that happens in all areas) because I took on all kinds of projects from PPC, SEO, planning for social media, etc.. Meanwhile I was already following Social Ninjas and saw that they had a job opening at the time that I could not apply immediately but a few months later the opportunity eventually came and here I am.

How is your day-to-day at Social Ninjas? 👩‍💻

Meetings, analyze campaign data, set up and implement campaigns, Reporting, Test Segments and new audiences, Read about updates in my area, Solve problems in Google Tag Manager. 😠

What do you like most about your work? ❤️

The freedom to implement our strategies and test different campaigns due to the trust of our team and our customers who know that we are all working together to get good results.

What is your secret Ninja weapon / superpower? 🥷

Autonomy and persistence to solve problems.

Which objects are a must-have on your desk? 📌


Let's get


What does your usual breakfast consist of? 🥞
Pre-meetings: package of cookies
After-Meetings: Cereals
What is your favorite hobby? 🎧 🛫 🎮

Surfing, watching series and gaming.

Tell us a funny / interesting fact about yourself. 🔫

2 - 3 glasses of gin and we become best friends.

If you had to choose an expression, phrase or word to characterize you, what would it be? 🧐

Just Google it.

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