Mariana Martinho

Throughout my career, I was driven by the curiosity to find answers to the most urgent questions. Today, I love to investigate any topic to find the right words, making them a relevant, readable and interesting text for your target audience.


My work

Tell us a little about your professional career. 🚗

My favorite subject was Environmental Studies and I early knew that I was going to study Humanities. I started by doing a degree in Political Science and International Relations and a post-graduation in Trend Communication and Innovation. In between I lived in Barcelona and wanted to travel more, so I left for Rotterdam to do a Masters in Cultural Economics & Entrepreneurship. When I returned to Portugal I did another post-graduation in Contemporary Art and Curatorship and started an educational project in a school about sustainability, technology and culture. It was such a good experience that led me to be the educational coordinator of a project about Fake News supported by Google Digital News Initiative. However, I kept one foot in Germany where I was coordinator of European volunteer projects on heritage preservation. But during all these adventures, I always carried my little notebook where I wrote articles on various topics. When I passed them to the digital world, I came across SEO and fell in love! I enrolled in several online courses on copywriting and nowadays I love writing texts for social media, blogs and newsletters and defining creative strategies full of good content.

How is your day-to-day at Social Ninjas? 👩‍💻

On Monday we have a team meeting and on Tuesday I usually write articles. Throughout the week I write newsletters and copy for social media and spend time looking for the best content to create the editorial calendar for each brand. One of my main tasks is to find the right words that make the audience fall in love with our brands, so I usually go through Instagram, Facebook and blogs. During the day I often consult the dictionary to find that exact word and I love the moments when I find popular expressions to convey the necessary information in a cute way, depending on the target audience of course.

What do you like most about your work? ❤️

I love moments of team brainstorming.

What is your secret Ninja weapon / superpower? 🥷

Write without exceeding the character limit!

Which objects are a must-have on your desk? 📌

My notebook and a pencil.

Let's get


What does your usual breakfast consist of? 🥞

Cereals, with milk or yogurt.

What is your favorite hobby? 🎧 🛫 🎮

Mountain hiking and take a picnic basket with me.

Tell us a funny / interesting fact about yourself. 🔫

I am a bit hyperactive and so I am not allowed to drink coffee. Only if it's decaffeinated, but it's not funny.

If you had to choose an expression, phrase or word to characterize you, what would it be? 🧐

Tiny as a sardine.

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