Matilde Garcia

Despite being from Pico Island, I don’t have to climb any mountains in my day-to-day…but at least I try to move them. I have no experience in any particular field, but I have theoretical knowledge and some practical experience. Well, I’m just a trainee for the time being.


My work

Tell us a little about your professional career. 🚗

My professional career technically begins with this internship at Social Ninjas. Still, during my academic career I always tried to get involved in some extra-curricular courses that gave me soft and hard skills. 

How is your day-to-day at Social Ninjas? 👩‍💻

So far my days have not always been the same since I’m with Social Ninjas. I'm here to learn and help as much as I can. So far I've been working in Email Marketing, Influencer Marketing, helping with the Editorial Calendars, scheduling of Publications and so on.

What do you like most about your work? ❤️

I'm loving being able to finally understand how the world of a marketing agency works. That was what I studied for 3 years, and being able to watch creative processes, creating strategies, content, etc., and being able to participate in them is incredible for me. In short, what I like most about my job is the job itself.

What is your secret Ninja weapon / superpower? 🥷

My desire to do more and better.

Which objects are a must-have on your desk? 📌

A vanilla candle.

Let's get


What does your usual breakfast consist of? 🥞

I am that person who is not very hungry in the morning, so it is usually coffee/chocolate milk, and then it depends on what I eat, it can be a banana, yogurt, cookies, or a croissant, for example.

What is your favorite hobby? 🎧 🛫 🎮

I'm naturally addicted to tv series.

Tell us a funny / interesting fact about yourself. 🔫

Up until a while ago I couldn't take pills, it was always difficult to swallow them, and I needed several tries and full glasses of water to be able to take them.

If you had to choose an expression, phrase or word to characterize you, what would it be? 🧐

Drama queen.

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