Dina Oliveira is our new Ninja

Dina Oliveira joins Social Ninjas as Creative Director

Dina has accepted our invitation to be the new Creative Director. Creative by default, tutor by vocation, manager by necessity, Dina Oliveira has 11 years of experience in Marketing and Communication, combined with her expertise in Design Thinking. She is also an Invited Professor in the Post-graduation in Digital Strategy and Social Networks, in Instituto Politécnico do Porto, and she is attending the PhD in Marketing & Strategy in Universidade do Minho.

Dina Oliveira, the new Creative Director @ Social Ninjas

“With the growth of Social Ninjas in 2021, which started the year with 5 employees and currently has 10, we felt the need to look for someone with the ability, not only to lead, but also to inspire the team. I met Dina professionally as a trainer in the Design Thinking course I attended, and it had to be her!”

Liliana Pericão, Co-founder @ Social Ninjas

“Social Ninjas has grown a lot this year, not only in number of employees, but also in number of customers. And we needed someone responsible for the creative process from start to finish. Someone with fresh ideas, who would work directly with all the ninjas to create, plan and deliver a strategic vision to customers. It’s not an easy job – Dina sets the tone for the creative philosophy, develops ideas for campaigns, oversees the team’s ideas and projects, ensures deadlines are met, and bridges the gap with clients, keeping them informed while getting feedback to give to our team – so we’re sure we made the right bet!”

Helena Dias, Co-founder @ Social Ninjas

In her professional path, Dina has worked in WOOK (Porto Editora) as digital marketing manager; in Sonae, as innovation and product manager, and has 5 years of experience in communication agencies. She has also been a tutor, for 6 years, in the area of Design Thinking in reference schools such as EDIT, UNAVE, Politécnico do Porto and Universidade Portucalense. 

With the purpose of helping Portuguese people to turn around the contingencies we live in, this year she founded the D-DAY Boosting Talks event, which will take place on March 17th. All funds from this initiative will go to the Portuguese Red Cross and will feature internationally renowned speakers and companies such as CERN, Socialbakers/Emplify and Marvel Themed Entertainment.