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Increase leads and sales online

Ankira is a software that helps teams in nursing homes, day care centers, and other home care services to manage and provide care to elderly people.

We have been working for more than 2 years in order to increase their leads and sales online.


Content Creation

Nurturing curious prospects through helpful content

With Ankira’s buyer personas in mind, we created an editorial line and a content strategy dedicated to the brand’s propects and customers. 

All the content is created to provide value to each follower, including:

  • Social media posts;
  • Blog articles;
  • Case studies;
  • Whitepapers.


Creating searchable and shareable content

We’ve developed an on-site blog strategy around the target keywords to attract top-of-funnel traffic and leads through SEO and to provide a library of resources to everyone interested in the topic.

These articles demonstrate the company’s knowledge and expertise, to help build Ankira’s credibility and reputation.


Email Marketing

Re-engaging with customers and boosting sales

We believe (and tested) and guess what: email marketing is still the top way to generate leads.

Email is a cost-effective way to stay in touch with Ankira’s customers and drive revenue.

Establishing a regular email newsletter cadence allowed us to provide consistent value to their already existing customers while reaching potential ones too.

Case Studies

The hidden gem of the content marketing world

From start to finish, an effective case study depicts our commitment to solving a buyer’s problems. In a sense, case studies extend the value of a testimonial and show that problem-solving is the right focus.

The case studies are available for download on Ankira’s site behind an email capture form as we use these high-quality assets for lead generation.

This way, we can know who specifically accessed a piece of content, and most importantly, we can run targeted ads for users that had downloaded a piece of content.


Interactive catalogs that engage viewers

Instead of just having a catalog in pdf to be sent or shared with prospects, we’ve developed a digital flipbook with interactive elements to create an amazing experience for all readers. 

Project by the numbers

In 2020

Social media posts
Landing pages published
Articles and case studies
Reports produced
Newsletters sent
Engagement received