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Launching a (almost) entury-old brand on social media

Serrata is an almost century-old olive oil brand (in the market since 1928) but it was a brand (almost) without a digital presence.

To activate the brand on social, we developed a social media strategy to increase awareness and engagement, primarily in the Brazilian market.

Social Media Management

Building an effective editorial strategy to strengthen the brand image

Focusing efforts on the 2 most used social networks in Brazil, we created an editorial line differentiated from the competition (did you know that olive oil in Brazil is highly sought after for cosmetic use?).

Keeping the editorial consistency and having a community management strategy, adapted to the Brazilian market, is being key for the brand.

Key Takeaways

Trends & Being innovative

Remaining relevant is key to a successful social media strategy. Showing an interest in current conversations has cultivated a more human face to the brand.

Serrata also follows the “less is more” principle to maintain the quality standards, and invests not just in commercial content and food-related content, but also on educational content and differentiated ways to use the product.