Create a thriving wellness community across Europe

Corc Yoga is a planet-friendly American brand, made in Portugal. The brand produces the world’s first 100% cork yoga mat. New for 2021, the company is expanding its yoga business to launch Wellness Retreats.

In collaboration with Corc Yoga team, we designed a complete digital strategy to build a wellness community and increase online sales.


Country Specific Website

Content personalisation is key to a better engagement with users. That’s why we’ve launched a new website built upon the Shopify engine, specific for European countries.

By serving different websites to users in different countries, we are able to personalize various aspects of the website including language, currency and content.

Social Media Management

Creating a specific strategy for each social media platform

The same way we worked on other aspects of the marketing plan, we had to create a specific and intentional plan for each platform that Corc Yoga was present.

Each platform has nuances and best practices for generating engagement, so we answered questions like:

  • Why is the brand using this platform?
  • Who will we reach on this platform?
  • What post types work best on this platform?
  • How are our posts unique to this platform?

Twitter Chat

Let’s talk about nice things?

Twitter chat is a conversation space, with a previously defined day and time, that happens around an hashtag (#). There is usually a moderator and a guest, as well as a topic / theme.

There are Twitter chats for a lot of themes, and if there isn’t for the topic that interests us, we can always create it. That’s why we created #CorcYogaTalks, a Wellness Twitter Chat.


Music as a way to create a sense of community

Spotify is becoming a core platform for engaging with customers – through paid ads of course -, but also through an organic presence.

One-third of all listening time on Spotify is spent on user-generated playlists. That equates to eight hours a week of listening. So clearly there is a lot of demand for playlists on Spotify!

We’ve created different playlists for different purposes, as a way to Corc Yoga connect with its community through music. 

Email marketing

Re-engaging past clients and boosting sales

Emails are one of the most popular means of digital communication, and that’s the main reason why using them for marketing activities can be extremely effective.

From user onboarding to mailing list segmentation, re-engaging passive users and cross/up-selling products, email marketing allows Corc Yoga to develop brand awareness, build credibility, and establish trustworthy relationships with the customer. Also, it’s a perfect way to generate leads, drive more sales, and boost website traffic.

Influencer Marketing

An ironclad way to seize the attention of our ideal audience

Influencer marketing is about gaining exposure, but it isn’t always about working with people who have the largest audience.

Therefore, we developed an influencer marketing strategy to activate content creators who had the right audience across Europe – from Portugal, to Spain, Germany and Sweden.

Project by the numbers

In 2020

(From August to December)

Followers managed
Interaction received
Replied messages
Content created
Reports produced
Influencers activated


We were blown away with how creative, experienced and thoughtful they have been with our strategy each month.
Owner & Founder

Corc Yoga