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Launching a new product on social media

Not Guilty is a brand of chocolates and nut butters that should be be eaten without guilt and with pleasure and humor.

Product launches represent sort of make-or-break moments. This is especially true on social media where it’s so easy for your business announcements to get lost in the shuffle.

We developed a social media strategy to maximize the engagement of the brand launch and win the attention of our target audience.

Social Media Content Creation

Using humor and real time marketing as an engagement tactic

Social media users are more likely to share a funny post than an “important” post.

Using humor and current events in Not Guilty marketing through social media gives our audience something to relate to, providing trust and increasing brand recognition.


Building an engaged social media community

One of the best ways to achieve better leads, more sales and a loyal following without alienating our customers with over-the-top sales tactics is to use contests and giveaways. 

There’s not much to compare with the excitement of customers when they win something.

We’ve launched different types of contests for Not Guilty in order to:

  • Increase social media following;
  • Create brand awareness;
  • Drive traffic;
  • Jumpstart the engagement.


Influencer Marketing

Making connections with the people most likely to further connect with our brand

Collaborating with influencers can bring you brand recognition, enhance your reputation, audience engagement and increase conversions

But it isn’t always about working with people who have the largest audience.

We developed an influencer marketing strategy to activate content creators whose recommendations would influence their audience to buy Not Guilty products.