We received the Web Excellence Award!

We are so proud and happy to announce that we have received an annual Web Excellence Award!

The Web Excellence Awards is an international competition that recognizes the “best of the best” projects of 2021 including websites, mobile applications, online advertising and marketing, videos and podcasts, among other categories.

The annual competition saw more than 800 entries from around the world, including countries such as Australia, Denmark, Italy, UK, Germany, Spain, and Switzerland. The international panel of judges was formed by industry professionals with diverse backgrounds.

We received the excellence award for the Social Media category, with the project carried out by Social Ninjas for the Andreia Professional brand.

We worked with Andreia Professional’s marketing team since our first day as an agency.
The work carried out over 3 years has given us a deep know-how of the brand, but also of the market in which it operates.

Helena Dias e Liliana Pericão, Co-Founders of Social Ninjas

Projeto Andreia Professional

This project had many challenges, including the creation of an Augmented Reality filter for Instagram, as a fun and interactive away of reaching new users and building brand awareness.

From content creation and development of creative concepts for the launch of each collection to social media management and digital influencers, we dedicated our best efforts in showcasing the colorful Andreia Professional lifestyle!

We’re eager to help more companies achieve their goals through our services. Know more about us at. Learn more about our team and our work and contact us.

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